• Six months and one week old.

  • 19lbs 11oz

  • 29 1/2 inches

  • Sitting up

  • Crawls backwards

  • Babbles non stop (mama, dada, baba)

  • Pulls and destroys my hijab. No point in even trying to wear anything that requires pins.

  • I also have a bald spot at the nape of my neck- from the merciless pulling and yanking.

  • Grasps the spindles on his crib while on his belly, pressing his face against them to look for us.

  • LOVES his Curious George stuffed monkey.

  • Loves to eat his baby food now, string beans are amongst his favorites!

  • That's all folks!

5 Birds Chirpin':

UmmAbdurRahman said...

I love how they sleep with their bottom up in the air. My son still does that and he's 5.

Thanks for stopping by my spot sis. I appreciate your very kind words.

Work is find over here. Are you adjusted to the baby/work schedule yet?

take care

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alikam Sis,
I was going to say I love it when babies sleep with their bottoms in the air, but Umm Abdurrahman got there first. How can he be six months already mash'Allah - seems a very short time ago you were giving us the good news that he's just arrived.

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

my kids all have a snap shot with butt's in the air cute hugh? they think not now, mashaAllah your lil one has grown ukti its been a while scince i have been here mashaAllah.time surely is on the run!

maryanndipity said...

Salaam, I came over via UmmTravis' blog. I just wanted to say that I miss having a baby in my home. This brought back some wonderful memories. My baby girl, who is now a "Pretty Pink Princess" will be four next month, InshaAllah.

NiDa said...

awww i wish i were married... the baby is tooo cute mashaAllah :)!