iBaby briefing

Assalamu alaykum: Here are the latest stats on my little monkey...

4 1/2 months old
17 lbs 5 ounces
27 1/2 inches long
Still not sleeping well at night
Hates anything on his feet
Sits up well with assistance
Hold his head up strong!
Babbles non-stop
Not ready for cereal yet
Widow's peak is filling in nicely!
New fur growth on ears, legs, back, ears and fingers!
Chubby thighs
Loves to read books
Still nursing part-time
Rolls over!
Grabs his feet!
Got two needles and didn't even flinch!

Enough said ;)


Hijabification is the act of wearing hijab, around my body, and my heart. It is not just a scarf or veil, but a garment that is a symbol of my faith that holds wisdom, sentimental value, purpose and responsibility.

Hijabification is not an event; it's a lifelong process. It's the evolution of my mind, body and soul. It doesn't necessarily begin with the physical act of covering one's hair and body- but with the curiosity of Islam and what it means to be Muslim.

This is what Hijabification is for me. What does it mean for you?

Ma Salama,


I'm Thirsty

Ramadan Mubarak everyone.

May this Ramadan be a reminder for us, as to how fortunate we are.

May this Ramadan be our "reset" button to slow down and gain a deeper re-appreciation for our deen and stronger iman.

May Allah subhana wa ta'ala accept our fasts!