A GINORMOUS Apology and Thank You to My E-Sisters

Assalamu alaykum sisters-

I have been SO self absorbed and just absent minded, that I didn't realize I changed my preferences on my blog to moderate all comments. I don't know what prompted me to do that, but I had over 36 fun comments to read this morning. I had been wondering why my blogs were so empty, and I just thought I wasn't interesting enough! Everyday i would check to see if anyone left me any tidbits and I would just close my laptop and walk away LOL! It really lifted me up this morning to see all your good thoughts and wishes, ideas and helpful tips! I just adore them and feel like a celebrity now!

Thank you thank you thank you for taking time to visit!

Jazzakullah Khair one and all, and I promise inshaallah to update you very soon (see last post before this one).

You are the best!

iMuslimah & iBaby to Be.

P.S. I've been adding links to your blogs slowly but surely, hope y'all don't mind!

3 Days to Go and Hopelessly Love Drunk

As'salamu alaykum one and all.

If I don't go into labor this week, I will be induced Friday evening. Can you believe it? We cannot. Inshaallah it will be a smooth and sound process. We just want baby to be healthy.

I stopped working last Monday, and that gave me a nice opportunity to recover from the wicked case of bronchitis, as well as tie up some loose ends and get ready for baby. Nesting is complete. My husband can't stop smiling, as he is waiting patiently.

The past few days have been one of the most beautiful and peaceful periods in my life. It's been a time of reflection, supplication and expectation. Each prayer with my husband has become more precious, as I know that it will stop for a while after our son is born. I've never felt more IN love, in my life.

My husband and I decided to write letters for a keepsake book we have started for our baby. His is in Arabic, mine in English. I have always envied that my husband is multi lingual/literate. My husband wrote three pages, and read it to me last night when he came home from work at 3:00 am.

It was the most beautiful and emotionally raw/naked moment we have had in a long time. He bared his soul to his son, and when it became to much for him, he paused. The pauses, caused me flooding tears and immense joy. I never enjoyed hearing my husband's voice, so much, ever. His thoughts were humble, kind, educated, understanding, gentle and tender. I am still reeling. My GOD, I am incredibly blessed. What a beautiful gift. For that moment, time stood still, and I realized that we needed it.

When it was my turn to read my letter out loud, I couldn't. The tears were overwhelming, yet soothing. My husband just comforted me like never before. When I began reading, he became so quiet and still, he kept nodding his head, and then he began to cry.

Never in my life, do I recall such a beautiful moment in time. I know the best is yet to come, but this was one of those precious experiences that never leave a soul. My GOD, please know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it.

After we were done, he rested his head on my bosom and caressed my big belly in the dark. The most unusual bird, started singing alone- there were no others. That is when we realized it was time for fajr. The bird was singing and praising, and I didn't want it to stop. We prayed, reflected, then drifted off to the most peaceful sleep.

I never could have planned this.

Alhmdulillah wu shukru lillah for everything in this life and the next.


Home S T R E T C H

Salaams to one and all. I haven't been blogging much, let alone writing in my own. I hope all is well with each and every one of you inshaallah.

Status: 2 weeks left inshaallah! Tired. No EXHAUSTED. Sinus infection w/ bronchitis. Can't sleep because I am congested and my asthma is TOTALLY aggravated. Heartburn. Weird dreams. Non-stop trips to the loo. Blood Glucose well controlled.

Alhamdulillah everything comes from GOD. I'm not really complaining lol. I just can't wait!

I envy my habib, his gentle soul, as he sleeps like an angel, ever so peacefully, not even remotely aware of the chaos that will ensue upon us. Mashaallah he has been even more helpful and supportive. He's been cooking, washing dishes, putting up with my nesting insanity, and he just bought me the niftiest new cell phone LOL. We match now. He appreciates the little things I manage to get done at this point. He tied my shoes for me the other day. He's been doing the laundry since Ive been told not to lift anything heavy (we have to go the laundromat-ugh). I just feel he is going the extra mile for me, so I can enjoy what is left of the pregnancy, since I just stopped working. I felt great up until this past weekend, I felt unstoppable-full of energy. Now I am sapped.

I did learn a neat trick yesterday. My mom told me that if I press my curtains while wet, the wrinkles will come out. What a difference wrinkle free window dressings make! I'm very proud of my efforts! I just had this horrific urge to take them down, wash and iron them. It was torturing me. Today, my task for today will be to leave a to-do list for my mom and sisters whilst I am giving birth! Can you imagine? I would never do that, but they are willing-

I hope that inshaallah while I am laboring, my mom/sisters just come into our house, and maybe do quick straightening up of our apartment, nothing major.......to make sure I am set for visitors. My biggest request is to have fresh bedding for baby and I when we get home. That is it really. Nice crisp linens after being in hospital sheets will feel glorious. I have asked them to put the bassinet together, and to wash all the bedding that comes with it, once I go into labor.

Bags are packed. Camera batteries are charged. Gray hairs to be colored tomorrow night inshaallah. Will exfoliate feet and legs tonight. Eyebrows/stray whiskers to meet their demise this evening. Will attempt, if not in labor this weekend, to make a few one dish meals and freeze them.

This is what I packed, moms please tell me if anything is missing (2 day stay anticipated inshaallah):

1. toothpaste, floss, mouth wash
2. antiperspirant, favorite body wash and lotion
3. blow dryer, comb, brush, tweezer (for rogue sprouts), hair clip, rubber band.
4. make-up. I know.
5. ginormous sanitary napkins
6. pads for bra (in case I spring a leak), lanolin
7. stretchy nursing bras
8. 5 pairs bloomers
9. socks
10. giant terry robe that takes up half of bag, flip flops for shower
11. fluffy feminine slippers
12. 1 pair jammies that cover (for visitors), with easy access for baby.
13. al-amira hijab
14. outfit for baby, beanie cap, onesie, teeny socks, knitted sweater and blanket, baby comb
15. comfy nightgown to sleep/nurse in.
16. love letter for my habib. must remind husband how important he is to us, and that I could not do this without his gentle love and support.
17. give endless thanks and praise to Allah, always.

I *think* Ive got my bases covered. Maybe i should toss a book in there too, just in case.

Birth plan: I'm pretty flexible. I've had some serious discussions with my doctor who is totally awesome. We think alike. Pain meds: yes, epidural: undecided, probably no. Birthing coach: husband only. I do not want an audience. I do not want to see the birth. No mirrors! Low lights, quiet environment. Episiotomy: yes, please. I have no desire to be massaged or to tear. I feel so at peace with my plan AND my doctor. It's a good feeling. Ive thought a lot about my major choices, and hope inshaallah there are no complications. Should something arise, I feel safe knowing that my doctor is there for us.

May Allah protect us and keep us in his care, Ameen.