Slap Chop

Seriously. Have you ever? I am watching an infomercial featuring a product that claims to chop and dice anything....

I think I might like to have one, but the name turns me off!

You can see it here , it seems convincing.

Anyone Reading This?

Salam sisters!

Welcome to hijabification. I am hoping to dedicate this blog to all things hijabi!

I am a hijabi. I hope this serves as a connection to increased knowledge about modesty and practice. I want this endeavor to be fun, with a sprinkle of humor, a dash of cooking advice, a smattering of fashion, and lots of sensibility. I want this to be place where ideas and thoughts are exchanged in a positive and respectful blogger environment.

I have not figured out where I will find the time to do this :P

Should I just combine this with blog with "iMuslimah" and keep it simple? Should I just toss the idea of "hijabification"? I just seem to think that Hijabification is catchier and more interesting than iMuslimah. I realize it's not the about the name, but the content.

Comments & suggestions welcome and appreciated.

Good night,


Bucket List

Tagged by none, inspired by Organica & HijabiApprentice :)

  • Hajj with husband and son when he is old enough
  • Meet husbands family in person; travel to his homelandia <----my fave hijabiapprenticism
  • Buy a house with a private yard and pool
  • To be more charitable
  • Start something wonderful that outlives me.
  • Leave a legacy
  • Make a difference
  • Be re-united with my husband and son in jennah inshAllah
  • Become a better muslim, stellar wife and outstanding mother
  • Improve my practice and application of Islam
  • Excel in the field of photography
  • Buy a home for my mother so she can retire
  • Swim in the ocean and build sand castles with my son (this is a thorn in my side!)
  • Get back to the carribean
  • Volunteer more often
  • Have a winter cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
  • Summer home in Tunis
  • Learn Arabic, Spanish and French
  • See the Alps, Rockies, Atlas and Himalayan mountains
  • Hike through Oregon and Washington, from the coast to Mt Ranier
  • Drive cross country for photographic purposes
  • Publish my own coffee table photo book
  • White water raft through the Grand Canyon
  • Witness Aurora Borealis
  • Learn to play the harmonica
  • Swim with dolphins in their natural habitat
  • Dog sled in Alaska
  • Take better care of myself
  • Be more patientwith others
  • Improve cooking skills
  • Get another college degree
  • Take up cycling and surfing
  • Take piano and guitar lessons
  • See all the National Parks
  • Begin posting my second blog "Hijabification"
  • Launch a photojournalistic website with a team of hijabi photographers

There you have it, the most recurrent wishes in my mind that seem meaningful to me! I wonder if Hijabification should be the photojournalistic site....any thoughts?

Gotta go, iMonkey requests my attention.

Assalamu alaykum.