Happy Ramadan!

Ramadan Mubarak sisters!

May Allah accept our fasts, our intentions and renew our iman, Ameen!


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Today's Thrifty Craft Haul

Above: 4 mat pads, 24 sheets each $2.50 US / ea. UNHEARD OF!!!!!

Above: Pack of 50 blank cards (5x7in or 12,7cm x 17,7cm for my friends abroad) $5.00 US
Pack of mini blank cards (43/4 x 3 3/4in or 12cm x 9,5cm) $1.00 / ea.
Pack of baby themed appliques $1.27 / ea.
Glittery alphabet & hearts $1.97 / ea.

I did get a few rubber and acrylic stamps but I am too lazy to take pics.

Alhamdulillah my son is better! No fever, no rash, back to normal, so we left the house to go shopping at Walmart with iGrandma. I also scored some cheap washable Crayola jumbo markers and washable Crayola beginner crayons for iBaby. iHubster was working all day, so this was the perfect opp to shop for bargains, since my mom has enormous patience and loved strolling the cart with iBaby in it.

Afterwards we went to a local diner for dinner, and iBaby was nothing short of a menace at the table. He is 15 months now, and throws everything. It is hard to teach them the true meaning of NO at this age. He is starting to gain an awareness, because now he references me with a glance before he hurls things. He has also mastered ripping his diaper off from underneath his shorts. Fortunately he's only done it a few times, at home, with nothing in it. Whew.

Tonight we watched CNN's Christine Amanpour present "Generation Islam". I missed the first hour, and caught the last half that took place in Gaza. I couldn't stop crying, seeing the damage, destruction, disruption and trauma the children are facing. I saw all these little children running loose in rubble and amongst other dangerous things, hungry and feeling hopeless. Very emotional. I would like to see the first hour, so Ive set the DVR.

Well, once again this was a craftless night. Tomorrow night inshaallah is mine! When iHubcap & iBaby fall asleep, I will tip toe out and craft myself into a cocoon with the "bumper stash" UmmSalihah sent me :)

I took this coming Tuesday off from work inshaallah, to try to prepare some different kinds of soups that I can freeze for Ramadan. I'm looking forward to this, as I am starting to get excited that our holy month is almost here. If anyone has any recipes they would like to share, hook a sistah up!

Fever, Emergency Room Visit, and Baba

Hi All.

Hamdullah. My son was in the ER Sunday night, as he has been having moderate to high fevers with no explanation for 96 hours now. You would never know he is ill. He is happy, loud, playing, eating and drinking as usual. We followed up with his pediatrician this morning (how we appreciate her so!) and she said it shouldn't be much longer. No signs of any bacterial infections, all lab tests and exams are fine. My poor little baby with the chubby brown legs. I hope inshaallah this fever lifts soon.
Above are some pics taken about 4 months ago, before my baby got his first haircut. He thinks my husband is an amusement park, especially during prayer, and to me, it is the cutest thing- ever. Now that he is a little older he will grab his own prayer mat, and when he hears takbir he bows his head. When it is time prostrate, he bangs his head on the carpet, and stays there, clapping his tiny hands underneath himself.
Mashaallah. I just love my little guy so much. The love has no beginning and no end.