Happy Birth-Day To Me.


This time last year, I was a brand new mom. Twenty-four hours fresh into the unknown. The unexpected. The unforgettable.

I flip through photographs of my shining star, and I cannot believe that he has morphed into what he is, right in front of my eyes. It's like it happened yesterday, and it's almost heartbreaking to think that the precious infant I held in my arms that day, is long gone- replaced by a newer and improved version of edible cuteness, haughty freshiness, and one outrageously vocal little (halal) ham. OK- second thought: Lamb Chop.

Life with Omar is becoming more dynamic and challenging each day. It is clear his cognitive skills are really blossoming, and his motor skills are sharpening. To witness a child learning is a treasure. I wish I could savor each and every moment of interaction with him. His greatest achievement thus far is- giving kisses. My baby is learning to show and express love. Isn't that grand?

I wish we could have a mini-scaled down birthday party for him. Just love, cake, grandma and grandpa. Instead, I brought him to see them in the morning so they could have breakfast with him. I was so proud of them, that they never once uttered the phrase "happy birthday". I know it was hard for them. The rest of the day, my husband and I carried on as if it were any other day. I quietly kept reflecting, for the day my son was born, I will never, ever forget. We ended the day with a lovely trip to the beach, for it was unusually warm.

So you ask, why the title of this post? This has been the most rewarding and demanding experience of my life. The first few weeks of his life were super difficult. I finally realize that I deserve some credit for keeping it together......iMuslimah, you rocked it!

Alhamdulillah wu shurku lillah.

My Neglected Little Blog

Assalamu alaykum-

Oh I have been neglectful of my little blog. Where does the time go?

InshaAllah next week I will be off from work for NINE DAYS! Woohoo! I can't wait to assume some normalcy. I am very much looking forward to it, as is my husband (and if my son could speak he would agree!).

Not too much going on here. Been very busy with son, family, work. Life in full swing as usual alhamdulillah. MashaAllah husband is loving new job. Baby is going to be ONE in a few days. Wow- the idea takes my breath away. More to come on this subject. I am certain I will be reflecting a LOT in the days to come.

Deen is a little weak, I am not confortable with that- so I hope to take advantage of some Iman boosters inshaAllah. This weekend, the three of us will be going to family night at the masjid. MashaAllah its is a busy masjid, there will be a lecure, and then a community pot-luck afterwards. I look forward to seeing my fellow muslimahs as well as meeting new ones. Due to work obligations I am somewhat removed from interacting with the sisterhood here on a regular basis ( I work evenings to be home with my son), and it is to my detriment to some degree BUT I take comfort in being with iBaby most of the day. InshaAllah in May we are going to a HUGE HUGE HUGE Islamic convention, and I can't wait!!!!!

That's it for now, time to myself is up and bouncing baby boy is patiently waiting for me to play with him!

Be good to each other,