Mmm mmm, good.

This was my first time making chicken fraciase (sans white wine).

I got the idea from my sister and winged her verbal instructions. Hamdullah it was outrageously delicious and we ate every bite. It was SO tasty that there was dead silence at the table; something we haven't had in a VERY long time! I'm starting to like this BlogPress!

Salams, sisters ;)

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Salams sisters & Belated Eid Mubarak,

If this post seems disorganized and out of sequence, it's because I am disorganized and out of has been bananas, and solitary moments are rare.

Well- I might as well start of by announcing that my husband, little man and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl during the month of Ramadan. The preganancy was worrisome this time with health issues, and surviving the third trimester in hot, steamy summer and having a fasting Ramadan vegetable for a husband. I believe the stress of worrying about me and the pregnancy, and working too much contributed to his plight lol.

We left home at 430 am the morning of surgery; I had been dreading this moment because I am aware of the risks associated with surgery, and I inshaAllah I was leaving my little boy behind, blissfully asleep whilst Mima (grandma) watched over him. I always find the drive in to be so memorable. Ive passed this hospital a million times in my life, but it seemed so much more exhilerating, personal and memorable. We checked in, they took me behind the scenes to get changed etc, and the waiting began. The hospital was quiet, and as sunrise approached, everything came to life. The hustle and bustle began, and then it was my turn to walk into the chilly and sterile operating room.

Anywho- our little girl was born via repeat c-section, and the birth was amazing!!! I didn't think it could be all that, since my first c-section was quite shocking and depressing- and you know, there is so much out there about natural births being better (and I do agree although I've never experienced one) etc. We were much more prepared this time, and I felt SO present (thanks H.A.) and involved. My doctors were awesome, they took great care of us, and we had a little bonus in the operating room: the neonatologist that was present for the birth (I'm diabetic) turned out to be muslim! I couldnt see his name tag, but his long beard, and 'mark' on his forehead from prayer (anyone know what this is called???) clued us in right away. It might seem trivial that something like this would make us happy- it's just not very often we stumble upon another muslim.

After the spinal was in place, and the surgery began, there was so much excitement in the air. It was very quiet and intense. I felt like it took an eternity for baby girl to come out. She made her debut kicking and screaming, with a perfectly round head, black fuzz from head to toe, chubby lips and cheeks, and robust pink color! Alhamdulillah she was totally unaffected by my health issues. My husband whispered the call to prayer in her ear while my surgery was finishing up, so I missed it :/
Baby girl was in recovery with me for about an hour; I was allowed to hold & nurse her, and of course proud papa snapped a billion pics of her. She was kept in NICU for the first 24 hours of life as precaution, its hosiptal policy anytime a baby is born to an insulin dependent mother. It killed me not to have her with me, but she was perfectly healthy unlike a lot of her roomates. And we are so thankful for this.

Later that evening, when i was able to get out of bed and into a wheel chair, they took me to see her. She literally took my breath away. I swear I have never seen anything so pretty and sweet in my entire life. Right away I just felt my heart belonged to her, and the desire to cuddle her was overwhleming. She was so soft and tiny, and the minute she settled into my arms, I just cried and cried and cried, tears of joy and thanking Allah for this amazing and precious gift. Her twinkling eyes and faint kitten cries were just the most adorable, yet heart wrenching combination- simply because she couldn't room in with me yet, and I already missed her terribly.

When I fist got to my room after survey ,I had to share it with someone, and the minute I heard my roomate expectorating out loud in the common handwashing sink we shared, I lost my mind and demanded my husband to find me a private room (and he did!). I didnt have a private room last time either. I also loathed that there were tons of visitors and men in the room and I did not want to have to worry about modesty, especially with the post partum bleeding and nursing. The curtains did not provide compete privacy.

After five long days and baby going back to special care for 24 hours for double phototherapy (she had pretty bad jaundice) we came home to begin our life as a family of four.

She is amazing; simply the sweetest little girl i know.

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Be Warned

If for some reason, there is a brother reading this post, let this be a lesson to you:

Never, ever tell your pregnant wife you are bringing home fresh pizza, and then come home without it.

Ive got two words for a situation like this. Pine box, baby.