The Alleged Five Minute Face

Hello ladies:

I am in search of the ever-elusive five minute face. I have finally carved out 5 minutes for myself, and find it annoying that I cannot apply even moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss in five minutes. In my desperation, I tried a few new products, and I will rate them:

  • Morgen Schick Hi-Def Pre-Makeup Illuminator: Feels gritty, but actually gives skin a nice youthful glow. It's some kind of "half gel, half powder" concoction. Ive been using it alone, and I actually got three compliments, all agreeing that my skin seems to be looking fresh & renewed.
  • Morgen Schick Light Saver Eye Pen: Not so much. Its like gold glitter in a stick, and the shimmer seemed to accentuate fine lines I had never seen before. BUH-BYE!
  • Oil of Olay Total Effects 7: OK, this stuff is not going in the trash. It totally agrees with me, and I love it. Will include it in my post shower regimen to keep skin moisturized.
  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks: I've had them for a bit now, I wasn't crazy about them, and then while watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, I realized I was using it incorrectly! What a difference when used the way it's intended. These are definitely keepers: Rose, Bronze and Apricot. I heart finding yummy stuff in my collection that I forgot about.

So, if I moisturize, apply mascara, use the shimmer brick and apply a sheer gloss, it takes me exactly EIGHT minutes. I'll take it!

I feel that I am betraying my Bare Escentuals, my most favorite products, but they take more than 10 minutes to apply. I'll save that for a special occasion. I just want to look refreshed and feel like my old pre-baby self , without actually wearing pigmented cosmetics.

By George, I think I've done it *wink*

Now to resume the weight loss...........I got a little lazy after I stopped breastfeeding my little guy. You see, breastfeeding made me kind of hungry, and I got used to eating more frequent smaller meals with higher calorie content, but now that we are finished, I no longer need to keep the higher calorie content, and need to change my habits. Wish me luck!

3 Birds Chirpin':

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Salaams sis! I had to google Morgen Schick.

This post was right on time. I typically try to look somewhat pulled together when I leave the house but it is hard to find those extra minutes.

I'll piggie back this post and post my 5 - 10 minute face on my blog and I will try to include product pics.

Umm Salihah said...

I like my make-up, but I am usually too busy trying to get out of the house in the morning (if the kids wake up I have nappies, tears, requests and bottles to deal with). Usually I wait till I get to work and then put some on (glossy black mascara and natural lipstick - whatever I can find). As time has gone on I wear less because I have to make wudhu at work and it goes everywhere, so usually just when I am not praying.

Good luck with the weight-loss. I went back to my pre-baby weight with my first two, albeit not the same boyish shape. This time round though I am still heavier, I seem to have misplaced my will-power somewhere. I reckon you can do it though.

NiDa said...

GOOD LUCK :D!!! Although I dont have my own I have been there with my niece and nephew every step of the way alhamdolillah. (good practice). My sister is struggling to gain some weight lol not loose it. I guess it all depends on the body composition metabolism and etc. InshaAllah just try eating healthier that should help and be more active. My sis is like a mad woman doing so many things at a time - subhanAllah I don't know how she manages, but yah I wish you best of luck sis!