Day 4

There is not going to be a Day 5, since my husband has a 4 day work week (Ameen!).
Day 4 went pretty smoothly, I got some help from my sister. She came over and fed, burped, changed and cuddled him, which allowed me to get other things done! It felt really good, as clutter was accumulating in our home, and I needed to tidy up. After that was finished, she accompanied me to Babies R Us- as I don't feel strong enough to leave the house alone with him, since I still cannot lift anything heavy (car seat, stroller etc..). It was nice. We shopped a little, then came home.
iBaby is having gas/crying issues at night. It also seems he has gone back to sleeping ALL day and having to be awakened for feedings, and then being super fussy between 10pm-2am. It is stressful, but it was nice having husband home to help with it, since normally he is not home for this. Even if the fussies don't go away completely, as his organs mature, it will get better. I noticed that the leg massage/exercises help him pass gas and make him more comfortable.
I found switching bottles has significantly helped the gas issue. I was using the Medela bottles and slow flow nipples that came with my pump- the nipples are super soft and iBaby collapses them, hence sucking too hard/getting air. I also tried the Avent bottles- and he was still getting too much air- and burping a LOT with hiccoughs. I purchased one Playtex VentAir Advanced, and one Dr. Brown's- and guess what? Dr. Brown's did not help at all, BUT playtex did. I was pleasantly surprised. iBaby is now using the Playtex, and its much better for him. The nipple doesn't collapse, and it is a true slow flow nipple- when he drinks from it, it's a little more work and his jaw/neck muscles move like he is actually nursing directly from me. We are happy.
Well- I must say that Medela has outstanding customer service. I called them Thursday night about my broken pump (Medela Pump in Style advanced), the agent I spoke to was getting ready to leave but said she would stay a few minutes extra if I could get to a fax and send my proof of purchase. Do you know why? They take breastfeeding/nutrition seriously and she told me that she would like to make sure I got a brand new motor the next day as not to interrupt my son's feedings. Can you believe that? Well, low and behold, the next day- a new motor arrived- and it didn't cost me a dime! I have since rented a hospital grade pump, just for a month to see if it will increase my supply. If not, Ill return in 4 weeks, and continue using the one I have which is pretty darn good. Alhamdulillah for everything.
iBaby now follows my face and voice. It is so darn cute- I can't take it! Mashaallah he is really growing and changing so much, and is really filling out. He is loosing his newborn look and the ripe old age of three weeks.
That's it for now- motherly duties await me!
Assalamu alaykum ;)

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