Assalamu alaykum all-

Seriously, this happened to me today:

I was out shopping with iBaby and my sister, at a very popular warehouse club where you can purchase things in bulk. While I was on line, my sister and I were talking about travel and airplanes. She mentioned that a certain airline (can I say on here?) is going to start charging for ANY luggage that is checked! The cashier chimes in, seemed quite lovely, and said "it's because of the price of oil- they are finding new ways to pass the increase onto the customers, and all airlines will probably follow the same new rules". She then dropped the bomb-

"You know, my son just got back from Iraq and said that oil is 3 cents a gallon. Our boys are there fighting to help these people and you would think the least they could do is send us some of their oil".

Can you imagine?

There are so many things wrong with her statement, that I didn't know where to begin.

What is it with people? Do they not understand that you don't discuss politics with customers, better yet, it shouldn't be discussed in the workplace???? I wanted to jump all over it- I was ready to retort, but I thought it best to hold my tongue, even though I would have been mild mannered and eloquent about it.

I would like to know where some make the connection between putting a material value on life under unfortunate circumstances (and that is putting it mildly). Ok, so her son was in Iraq, he survived- would cheaper oil have made her pain and agony better, while she was waiting for her son to come home in one piece? Would it make parent who has lost a son or daughter in service feel better? Highly unlikely.

Are we really helping the Iraqi people? No we are not. I do not believe that at ALL. The people of Iraq have lost so much, their children, relatives, homes, cars, roads, jobs. They continue to fall prey to hunger, poverty, starvation, unemployment and violence. Hospitals are destroyed, banks are gone, markets and other necessary structures have been destroyed. We are supposed to believe that we are helping them, and then take their oil in return? Give me a break.


Recently I went shopping for a piece of silver jewellery. I didn't have anything specific in mind, I just wanted something shiny and sparkling. The clerk kept overwhelming with pieces, and I couldn't take it. She just kept throwing things out of the show case for me to look at. I wanted to throw them back at her.

She decided she wanted to sell me a crucifix! I gently explained that I am Muslim, and that it doesn't jive with my religious beliefs. She look stunned. She kept insisting it was beautiful, and again I explained I am Muslim. Finally, I thought maybe I should take it one step further- apparently she didn't know what being Muslim meant, maybe she never met a Muslim. So I asked her if she wanted me to explain, and I did. I gave her a very watered down version, making the point that I would not wear a crucifix for several reasons. She got it, and stopped trying to make the crucifix sale. I ended up purchasing a simple ring. When she handed me my receipt she said:

"Remember there is only one God: the father, the son, the holy spirit; and Jesus is the son of God and our lord and savior".

I returned my ring.

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Fashionista said...

good blog! am suprised at the cahsier's comments but i suppose she/he wudnt really understand the situation the Iraqi's are going through (may Allah grant them peace)

lol @ the silver selling woman, wat a cheek! u shud have given her a comeback that wud have shut her up but i suppose giving the ring back was one better.

iMuslimah said...

A.O.A. Fashionista,

Yeap-I agree, returning the ring was a stellar choice, because when she asked why, I wouldnt tell her ;) It left her puzzled. Im sure she figured it out.

Re: Cashier; Her view/opinion is fairly common around here- I dont think it is because americans are war mongers, but i do think it is largely a result of our irresponsible media and post 9/11overstimulation , even though that has nothing to do with Iraq. I dont really balme her, but in retrospect I feel I should have spoken up- for my fellow human beings and Iraq.

Thanks for reading ;)


American Muslima Writer said...

What cheek! Not only would i have returned the ring but would have informed the business owner of her mixing business with religion or something to show that his prized seller just lost him a sale.

Soo sad that most americans can't see far enough intot eh war beyond oil. Sooo sad.

Marahm said...

Good for you! Please, though, don't be so hard on her, because she does not have the tools to know anything other than what she thinks she knows.

L_Oman said...

3 cents a gallon? HA!

I so don't miss those 'moments'. Glad you didn't throw anything back at her (I would have) and super glad you returned the ring.

blue said...

Salam sister,

Good choice made there, to return the ring. But did you just return the ring and kept quiet?

Next time, if you have the opportunity, go back to the shop and tell her the real TRUTH.

Muslims should also try and spread the good word. Keeping quiet would made her probably think that Muslims have nothing to say about their Religion and only the Christians are passion about theirs.

Anyway, just my 5cents worth. :)

Great blog!

May Allah swt grant you hidayah and istiqamah. amin.

iMuslimah said...

Hi Blue & Welcome,

Assalamu alaykum,

My instinct was to just hold my tongue- I dont know why, Im not the totally shy type. I did however tell her what Islam is what makes us different. When I told her that Jesus pbuh is not the son of Allah, she got defensive. Her loss.

Thanks for stoppin by ;)