Who Hijacked My Rainbow?


I have loved and adored rainbows since childhood.

I don't know how the general public feels, but I am deeply annoyed that the symbol for "gay pride" is the rainbow. The rainbow, nature's prism, a rare sighting in most parts of the world, and also the most beautiful, has taken on new meaning for the public.

I have the most outrageous rainbow luggage strap, which is quite easy to spot amongst a sea of blue and black suitcases at the airport. My good friend and travel buddy (who happens to be female) was embarrassed to be seen with me, and when we checked into our hotel, the hostess behind the counter assumed we wanted one king bed! On another occasion, I returned home from San Francisco, with said luggage strap and rainbow trimmed socks LOL, and my mother actually thought I was trying to tell her something. My younger sister approached me whilst we were pigging out over a decadent lunch waiting for my dad to come out from heart surgery, and she told me that my mother was ready to attend a PFLAG meeting, because she was convinced that I was a lesbian. I guess a trip to SF coupled with the fact that I travelled to Hawaii with another woman is what caused her suspicion (?). I was in my late 20s, newly divorced, excelling in my career, and took a genuine interest in travelling. For the first time in life, I had saved some money, was in a good frame of mind after a traumatic divorce, and was ready to build new memories that weren't associated with my former husband. All I wanted was to have a little fun.

I recently treated myself to a new umbrella, but passed on the gorgeous, golf size one that could easily shelter my husband and myself, as well as look fantastic on a gray and gloomy day. Of course, you guessed it, each "pie slice" of the umbrella's protective barrier was a vibrant color of the rainbow. I know for sure, I would be walking alone if I carried it.

I won't even mention (ok, so I will mention it) my beautiful pastel, ribbed rainbow scarf that looked smashing with my tailored black wool Navy Pea Coat. (It mysteriously dissappeared after numerous negative comments).

My point is that, that I am just angry, that something so beautiful and awe-inspiring is linked to an alternative and controversial lifestyle, but maybe I should be angrier that others are too quick to judge and arrive at false conclusions.

Who's idea was this anyway?

Are we a nation obsessed with symbols?

Should I just go back and get the umbrella? I really admired it.

What do you think?

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Miss Muslimah said...

Lol!go back and get that umbrella!

If I really love something,it doesnt matter to me if anyone likes it.As long as I love it,thats all that matters. :)

Clair de lune said...

Go get the umbrella...and wear it with pride :P

Nice blog mA

theangrymuslimah said...


American Muslima Writer said...

I agree get the umbrella!
I'm angry about that too! In Lebanon women hold hands walking down the street, men wear soft pink and even purple (mock gasp!) shirts, and all teens wear rainbow colors even boys. I was like I hope none of you ever go to American looking like that or you'll be in for a shock but it was nice to relax there. It really made me open my eyes more about symbolism.
I to love rainbows and am angry that the "gay have hijacked" it.

Umm Salihah said...


I love rainbows too and still get over-excited when I see one. Who cares what cause they have been attached to, more than anything they are symbolic of the beuaty of Allah (SWT)'s creation.

mummyjaan said...

Wow, I never knew the rainbow had such associations. I think I have quite a few 'rainbow' posts. And I'm always photographing them whenever I get the chance.