Bananas Don't Belong in Fruit Salad

You've got to be kidding me. Why do people insist on putting bananas (and grapefruit) in fruit salad? They have NO PLACE, I tell you, NO PLACE. The creamy texture of the 'nana just insults the satisfying, fresh, and thirst quenching integrity of cherries, watermelons and grapes. And grapefruit? Delicious alone, plain old nasty when paired with other fruits.

Blasphemy. I'm disgusted.


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Miss Muslimah said...

Who did this to you,Drea? Who? and Why?
Im with you,bananas do NOT belong in fruit salad!

now grapefruit,I wouldnt mind

iMuslimah said...

LOL. It needed to be said LOL.

tru3woman said...

Bananas... disgusting. You are so right and I cant stand when people do that!

Did you ever find a template you like?

theangrymuslimah said...

Bananas in fruit salad? Ewww...never seen that b4....i thought fruit salads were full of citrus and zest..........not mushy nanna's ........ewwww lol

American Muslima Writer said...

I will be the one to stand up and disagree! I love bananas and I love them in fruit salad! I liek that I can have cool and creamy (dont like the mushy ones though they have to be crisp) and then the next bite have watermelon to wash it down. Like a fruit smoothy. I don't like grapefruit period because it gives me cold sores on my lips and its so bitter. So I refuse to ever have it in my salad.
:p :D

Umm Salihah said...

They do make a mess in the salad don't they? Now mango thats a different matter, and melon, a bit of pomegranate, some strawberries and some peaches...sorry getting carried away, hungry now.