Real Beauty

Salaams sisters,

Check this out, some of you might have seen this, but if you haven't, grab your mothers, aunts, daughters and nieces, grandmothers, cousins, granddaughters and friends- it's a real eye opener:

Even I, a 35 year old woman, hold myself to ridiculous standards sometimes. While I never fulfill them, I sometimes feel like "less than" a woman because I cannot.

Stupid huh?

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Cling & Clatter said...

true...thanks for sharing

Big Sis said...

A great video and very true. Kate Winslet was quite brave and told a fashion magazine for airbrushing her! Alhamdula for the hijah really helps me feel comfortable about my looks and appearance.

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Sister:

Wow! An incredible video.

I remember the billboards for the "real women" don't remember what company had them, but they had heavy women, chunky women, some 5 pounds overweight, etc., just to show that "real women" don't look like Barbie.

It's sad that some women feel so obsessed with "beauty" when Allah (swt) made them truly beautiful in His own way.

I'll be 60 years old soon, Insha Allah. I'm here to tell you that in the long run it doesn't matter anyhow, lol. That's when self-esteem increases because there is freedom from not having to keep up with all that anymore, just go with the natural beauty given by Allah (swt). (OK, I do like to color my hair, lol!)

Umm Salihah said...

Salaams sis,

Having a baby will be the biggest test for your self-esteem in some ways. It can change your body sooo much that you really will have to learn to love yourself completely love-handles, rolls, stretch marks and all. You will look great again inshallah, but till you do you'll have to learn to love the body your'e in. I learnt the biggest lesson - my better half never saw me as fat even whan I got very plump after my first baby, till I started to moan about how fat I was, then he would tease me about it.

The more you learn to love yourself, the more irresistable you become to those around you, warts and all. The poem in this link has always inspired me: