Yes, You Are Seeing This Correctly

Yes, Ladies- it's real.

This sign is posted on a state owned beach upon which a national landmark is built. How is this fair? The attraction in the background received hundreds of tourists weekly during spring and summer. Unsuspecting visitors (such as myself) may walk the entire boardwalk to the ocean front not realizing what awaits them; people. Yes, lots and lots of men and women who like to tan their bits, frolic in the sea, and play volleyball- completely naked. And I have news for you- they aren't all spring chickens in their prime.

How I wish this wasn't so. How I wish there was a beach for religiously modest or just very conservative families; where clothing is not optional, thongs and speedos are a no-no, and our children could enjoy God's splendor without being subjected to haram habits. I know that in life, my son will be faced with many choices and decision, and that I cannot completely shield him from indecency, but this is where I draw the line. It's a painful one. I miss the beach. I want to build sand castles with my son and husband. I want to teach him to body surf someday. I want him to splash around in the surf and collect seashells. I suppose these joyful activities will wait until we go to my husband's home in N. Africa, where hijab is observed. I am looking forward to this inshaAllah.

I know that what awaits us in paradise inshaAllah, will be far more spectacular than anything we can experience on earth..........

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Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam sis iMuslimah,
I had a conversation about this with a good friend whose son asked when they would go to see the beach. She was mortified because of the same reasons as you. When she lived in Karachi she visited the beach all the time and now here she could not visit with her sons.

My dad also refused to take us for the same reason. So we used to go with other Muslim mum's and children in the area on coach trips to Margate or Clacton-on-Sea, usually when it was cold enough for the beach to be deserted anyway.

So insh'Allah I will take my kids, but before it is hot enough for bikini's and flabby belly's on show.