Stick a fork in me, I am finished. I cannot find a template that really suits me. This is the last attempt for now. I loved the blue jeans, but it was a little hard to read. This one is much easier.

That said, I'm about to do some more baby proofing. We need to move some furniture around to make a better play area for my little Huggles. Hopefully I will be able to get to the toy store today, and get him safe toy chest for all his things. He loves to dig through his things, it keeps him busy for hours. For now, his toys are in a basket, and he takes them out, then puts them back in- over and over again. It's too cute.

My PC that I use soley for editing and storing photos took a dirt nap last night. I went out and bought a portable hard drive to back up my photos (all 14,000+ of them), and when I went to actually do it, my computer would not start. I think the power supply in the tower died. I'm totally annoyed, because now I will have to pay someone to back up my hard drive.

Lets not even talk about the fact that I have my photoshop proggie on the dead puter that is only for XP- and this laptop is vista. That was a dowload also. Currently I'm downloading trials of newer photoshop products to try on vista. They are super expensive. CS4 is about $700 USD. Im thinking of buying an older version of CS2 on e-bay for $150 USD. I'm so bummed out. I just took a bunch of new photos of Huggles with my new lens, and now I cant upload them and process them!

Moving on- I hope to get my hair done tonight. HijabiApprentice I know you will be appalled, but I have not had my hair cut since huggles was born, nor have I colored it. Four inches of grey roots (attractive). My sister is a hairdresser/make up artist, so inshAllah she will cut, color and highlight tonight. I need a pick me up. Feeling like dirty spittied up dish rag.

That's all for now. More later.

Ciao Bellas.

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