A GINORMOUS Apology and Thank You to My E-Sisters

Assalamu alaykum sisters-

I have been SO self absorbed and just absent minded, that I didn't realize I changed my preferences on my blog to moderate all comments. I don't know what prompted me to do that, but I had over 36 fun comments to read this morning. I had been wondering why my blogs were so empty, and I just thought I wasn't interesting enough! Everyday i would check to see if anyone left me any tidbits and I would just close my laptop and walk away LOL! It really lifted me up this morning to see all your good thoughts and wishes, ideas and helpful tips! I just adore them and feel like a celebrity now!

Thank you thank you thank you for taking time to visit!

Jazzakullah Khair one and all, and I promise inshaallah to update you very soon (see last post before this one).

You are the best!

iMuslimah & iBaby to Be.

P.S. I've been adding links to your blogs slowly but surely, hope y'all don't mind!

4 Birds Chirpin':

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Well you do have a lot going on sister! Actually I was thinking hmm maybe I offended her with one of my comments :(. LOL!

ma'a salaamah to you and iBaby from me and Hybrid :).

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

Me, too! I thought I was going crazy. Did I leave a comment on her post? LOL... Anyhow glad you found the comments. And thanks for visiting my blog; means a lot sis. Love to you and the baby :)

Mumina said...

Wa alaikum asalaam,

LOL! Aaaw! It's kind of funny that you checked the blog and thought sisters were not communicating with you. Actually, it's really funny - I laughed out loud, I hope you don't mind. Not laughin AT you, but WITH you, lol.

Wow, so baby is coming like any day now, inshaAllah. All the best sister - I am very excited for you and your husband! :) :)

Organica said...

LOL. I did that a long time ago and I was like, "was it something that I said?"