I want a Burquini

As'salamu alaykum sisters and brothers- especially to whom might have the same internal struggle- I MISS SWIMMING.

I miss frolicking through the waves on a brutal summer day, letting the current whisk me away weightlessly, tossing my cares and worries to the wind and enjoying one of Allah's most magnificent creations: the ocean. Let's face it folks, I would even take a chlorinated swimming pool at this pool, if one were available.

For some reason, one of the most difficult modifications I have made to my lifestyle since becoming muslim, has been the removal of aquatic activity. Recently I found the genuine Burquini online, and my heart went a pitter-patter. My husband and I thought seriously about it, and then decided against it. There is just too much controversy over the subject. The thoughts we keep coming back to are that, when I emerge from the water, the shape of my body will be visible and there will be men present. I realize my intentions are not to fraternize with the opposite sex, but I am not comfortable with the idea. Doesn't that stink? There is not a single "women's only" swim club ANYWHERE in my region. Not to mention, the beaches are all co-ed and very crowded.

I wish there was a gym with a real athletic swimming pool, for women only. Swimming is an awesome all-over body work out, and I have received the most benefit from this excercise in the past (chronic back pain sufferer here). I would also love for one beach to be for religiously conservative communities (I know, I know, wishful and outlandish thinkging here), where a family could picnic and witness a salacious ocean sunset and not have to face men and women in thongs making out on beach blankets. I lament that when my baby comes, the lifestyle I enjoyed so much as a child, will not be available for him- pales and shovels, sand castles, digging for crabs, collecting sea shells...... there is so much joy and delight in these simple activities.

This is where I am supposed to cling to my belief...that the rewards in the next life will be greater than anything I can imagine here inshaAllah. I find myself, forgetting this sometimes, and feeling deprived. I suppose that is what makes me human. I don't know- my thinking is flawed and I cannot seem to reverse it.

Why does this mean so much to me, when there are so many other really awful hardships being faced by muslims everday???? I actually feel rotten for having these thoughts. Alhamdulillah I have so much that I am grateful for.
Ma Salaama.

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Miss Muslimah said...

I dont know how to swim :(
But I do know how to tan! :D

Yes,I was one of those girls(before I became muslim)the ones that lay out on the sand with a drink in my hand and soak up the sun.From time to time I'd get in the water(not past my waist!)
Ahh,sometimes I miss just being able to sit out in the sun,hearing the sound f the waves,feeling that water at your feet..I love the beach...

I see im one of your favorites thus far... how sweet!

Organica said...

I feel the same way when I visit Alexandria, Egypt. Everyone gets to enjoy the beach, except me :(

iMuslim said...

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullah

I followed OM here from her blog, where I was a little freaked out to read your blogger ID on a comment you made (you can guess why!).

Anyway, I've never been a big swimmer, but I do sympathise with your frustration at a lack of suitable sporting facilities available for women, and especially hijabi Muslim women. I am attempting to do something about it in my own community (in London, UK), but you should defo have a go too, insha'Allah.

For example, arrange a petition for women who want a regular women-only swimming session in the local pool (including no male lifeguards, and security cams switched off in the pool area). I am sure many women would be interested in this, not just Muslimahs.

The only problem is that of the awrah, cos of course even women are not allowed to see the area between the navel and knee of other women. So if you can get enough Muslimahs on board (make a "club" or something), then you have the freedom to advise them on the proper dress code, insha'Allah.


iMuslimah said...

Organica: Welcome to my budding blog! Thanks for your comments and for bring imuslim with you! I know, it's torture watching others enjoy Allah's magnificent oceans, I just hope I can keep on remembering that this is all a test....for now, I visit beaches in the fall and winter, and I try to do my photogrpahy at sunrise...

iMuslim: Thanks for reading! I LOVE your blog name 100 hundered times better, its much simpler and doesnt infer gender, for some reason that really appeals to me.
I apreciate your suggestions, and will def take them into advisement if I can find enough sisters that are interested. its been my experience that a lot of the sisters I have had brief conversations with don't know how to swim for obvious reasons.....that might be a great way to aproach this....a swimming class for religiously conservative women!?!?!?!?!

Little Miss: I vividly remember those days. For now, I frequent the beach in fall and winter, since there isnt a sould around, and I can avoid seeing half naked people. Gets quite cold though, baby wont be able to tolerate it....feeling a little sad about that.

Salaams to all

Amina said...

I love water but can't swimm...working on that hehehe