I'm Already Sweet Enough

Lately I have been having wicked urges and cravings for things I wouldn't normally eat. A colossal vanilla ice cream sunade smothered with hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, bananans, walnuts and rainbow sprinkles would make my heart sing, but first I would indulge in a huge greasy pizza covered with extra cheese.

This is not wise, nor is it possible. From day 1 of pregnancy, because I carry extra weight already, I was terrified of poisoning my baby with garbage, and I was afraid of developing Gestational Diabetes. Low and behold, three weeks ago, I failed my glucose tolerance test, and now have to monitor my blood glucose 5 times daily. My fingertips are sore, and I am a little frustrated that I can't give in to a single craving BUT I am happy to report that all my hard work and prevention tactics from the beginning of pregnancy have paid off! I had to adjust my diet very little, and I have not had a single abnormal fingerstick. I haven't gained an ounce thus far (and this OK for me as per my OB/GYN, it might not be ok for everyone). I do need to step up and be more active, and my doctor recommended walking.

Essentially the test that I failed demonstrated that I have the inability to process sugars, and if I do not watch my intake, there could be complications. Inshaallah the condition should resolve itself after delivery. Inshaallah I will remain good until the end. I do understand that this can change towards the end of pregnancy so I must continue to do my best and keep my faith strong that Allah (swt) will do what is best for my unborn baby and myself.

Complications that can arise if the sugars are not well controlled are: insulin therapy (sometimes even watching the diet is not enough), large babies, c-sections, and baby not being able to stabilize his own blood sugar after birth (thus being whisked away from me until he can- which can impede my ability to nurse him, and that kills me). G.D. also means that later in my life, I have a good chance of becoming non-insulin dependent diabetic...so if I get a handle on it now, it won't be a surprise, nor will I struggle with the lifestyle changes. I might even be able to prevent it!

My wish inshallah is to continue on this healthy path after he is born, so I may be an example for him as to how to nourish and care for the bodies Allah (swt) has loaned to us. I don't want him to have the same issues I've had with weight, and I want my husband and I to enjoy an active, outdoors lifestyle with our little miracle!

Time for lunch....

As'salamu alaykum

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