Oh No She Didn't.....Part II

Oh How I love Eid Swaps. Well- Since I've only swapped with my homeslice HMM aka UmmSalihah , I should clarify that I adore Eid Swapping with her! Everything she does is so incredibly thoughful; take a look at this:

The beautiful handmade eid card with a lovely message inside.

Gorgeous Bobbi Brown eye shadows, skin and foot treatments, and lovely beaded bracelets. I am loving the Saudi, alcohol free perfume. Its a musk, which is my favorite- it just agrees with my body chemistry.

Chocolate (some not pictured hehe), Sohan Halwa, henna and miswak! PLUS fantastic CD for my son, by Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens)......the songs are so adorable, especially "Ramadan Moon". I am so very thankful for this. iBaby LOVES it.

Three very off the hook GORGEOUS hijabs. Im lookin' good these days thanks to HMM!

I picked up the package on Eid, my mail carrier doesnt like to leave pakcages at the door (Im so appreciative that has concern for other's belongings). It came just in time, as my stress levels were alarming because of the impending move, and it totally caused me to take a step back, reflect, and be thankful :)

Thanks sis, it's perfect :)

4 Birds Chirpin':

Anonymous said...

MashAllah. I did an Eid swap one year it was so nice.She really hooked u up mashAllah :)

Adventurous Ammena said...

masha'Allah she is amazing isnt she.. and I just realised we talked about you at my henna party :D

iMuslimah said...

A heart of gold she has, for sure.

Amina: she got me into card making. I just LOVE it. That is how this all started.

Ammena: Congrats! It seems HMM had a hand in throwing you a fantastic henna party! Aint she great?

Thanks for stopping by peeps :)

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Dear:

How sweet; nice job she did :)