Gifts :)

Outrageous, handcrafted "Happy Eid" Banner

Blingy, bejeweled bangles (love. them.)

Over-the-top milk chocolate and henna!

Last but not least, gorgeous and feminine shaylas with matching undercaps.
Not shown: Hunter green undercap (in the wash at moment), it is a perfect match for my sheer shayla in all shades of green.
Also not pitcured: Hunk of "Happy Eid" milk chocolate that lasted 0.2 nanoseconds.
Regretfully not pictured either: Thoughtful handcrafted Eid card, with picture of her adorable children inside!!!!

AOA one and all:

Things have been BANANAS here, but hamdullah all is well. We are preparing to move soon inshaallah, so Ive been a bit ovewhelmed these days, BUT I did not want to forget to do this long-overdue post.

I received a lovely parcel from my dear sis, UmmSalihah for Eid ul Fitr, here are some pics of the loot!

There are no words to describe how much I cherish every item that was thoughtfully inlcuded in this gift. Everytime I wear my new shaylas, I think of my new friend across the pond!

Jazzakullah Khair sister for your kindness :)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Eid :)
We don't have any Muslim family so for now it's just us. I can't wait until we can expand out family and share Eid with everyone, inshAllah.
Wow, an 18 month old? That's wonderful. I actually take care of children for a living. I'vwe spent the past few years caring for newborn triplets( well they were newborn when I started) :D. It was tough but soo rewarding.