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3 Birds Chirpin':

Umm Salihah said...

mash'Allah iBaby looks like such a big boy in the first picture, but then his hands give him away.
Looks like you guys have been having fun.

Mint said...

Salem Aleikom!

I am sorry took almost 6 months to respond to your comment LOL but I am finally gonna commit to blogging inshAllah.

So I do intend to add more recipees of makrout and backlava as well as more pictures and tunisia spagetti and more soups.

I make everything not spicy - poor husband , but i just cant take it. He can add paprika to it later lol.

Inshallah we can chat more and one day maybe via skype talk you through a meal for you to cook for your husband lol

Beslema and may allah protect your beautifull family.


NiDa said...

Oh Yummii - I tell you Grilled corn has to be my ever favorite fooddd - and i mean ever!!! And the little handsom guy looks quite sweet too ;) mashaAllah

PS: Great Photography :) - one of my favorite hobbies too.