Fever, Emergency Room Visit, and Baba

Hi All.

Hamdullah. My son was in the ER Sunday night, as he has been having moderate to high fevers with no explanation for 96 hours now. You would never know he is ill. He is happy, loud, playing, eating and drinking as usual. We followed up with his pediatrician this morning (how we appreciate her so!) and she said it shouldn't be much longer. No signs of any bacterial infections, all lab tests and exams are fine. My poor little baby with the chubby brown legs. I hope inshaallah this fever lifts soon.
Above are some pics taken about 4 months ago, before my baby got his first haircut. He thinks my husband is an amusement park, especially during prayer, and to me, it is the cutest thing- ever. Now that he is a little older he will grab his own prayer mat, and when he hears takbir he bows his head. When it is time prostrate, he bangs his head on the carpet, and stays there, clapping his tiny hands underneath himself.
Mashaallah. I just love my little guy so much. The love has no beginning and no end.

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Mama Kalila said...

So sorry to hear he's sick! Like you said, hopefully it will lift soon. Is always scary when its your kid...

Those pictures are adorable!

mummyjaan said...

He is *adorable* mashallah. Hope he's better by now. (Don't you just love it when kids play antics around their praying parents?)