If I Had a Million(s) Dollars

Assalamu alaykum sisters !

I frequently ponder what I would do with a million dollars if I actually possessed it. I keep coming back to the same thoughts. Realistically it would take millions, but who's counting?

I have this recurrent vision of building an Islamic institution, and I would call it "The Islamic Center for Women and Children". I often feel that women are missing out on many benefits of the deen in the USA because masjids are generally small, poor and cannot accommodate space for us. MashAllah I see local masjids striving to reach out, but as the muslim population increases it is becoming more difficult financially.

I imagine a very large, modern building (approx 10,000 square feet), with all kinds of amenities including classrooms, a lecture hall with seating, multiple prayer rooms, offices, counseling, a health clinic and a food pantry for those in need. There would be a fitness center and a swimming pool. A "board" of sorts would be organized to coordinate educators, guest speakers, volunteers, donations, dawah, sanitation, maintenance, expenses, social functions and networks, and qualified caretakers to watch over the little ones when "mom" would like to pray in peace, attend a lecture or exercise. Children would have the opportunity to attend classes and workshops. There will be a large working kitchen. There will be stroller parking (for those of you that have seen hazards in local masjids will understand this very well). There will be no basements. There will be ample air conditioning and a working PA system. There would be an all-female security staff. There would even be transportation available for those who have none. Oh yes, and of course there will be amenities to cater to women and children with special needs, whether it be physical, emotional or mental.

As a result of this initiative, the muslimah community would strengthen and broaden- which would directly benefit society. We would benefit each other. Stronger women=stronger marriages=stronger families=stronger society...all for the sake of Allah subhana wa ta'ala.

I realize this may all sound naive, because I am sure that this would be a major task with enormous responsibility and endless funding.

Of course, I wouldn't mind a little personal indulgence, but that wasn't the purpose of this post.

Ultimately, I am thankful to Allah for everything he has bestowed upon my husband and I. If I never have millions, it's all good. I just cant see having it and not sharing it.

What would you do if you had millions?

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Mama Kalila said...

That's a really nice idea. Mine are all the boring old ones... pay off bill, pay off family's bills, build a house (we have a dream one in mind w/ land and stuff), set some aside, travel a bit, give some to the Church, etc.

iMuslimah said...

Mama Kalila! How nice to see you, and thanks for the response. Ive been MIA lately, with work and baby etc....

I hope to visit your blog tonight when baby is asleep to see whats new in your corner.

Yeah- I hear ya, we would love to have a home of our own here and abroad, and make sure our parents and family members are taken care of.

For now, we are grateful for what we have and know that He will continue to provide for us, what really matters most.



Mama Kalila said...

Understood... I don't work outside the house and I am swamped, I can't even imagine how you manage.

Sorry, meant to reply earlier but I'm packing and procrastinating (more the latter lol) and yeah... Saw yours on mine and it reminded me lol.

I agree w/ you on the last bit. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that... but its very true.

I didn't answer this on the other reply (because family reads that blog) but i am doing well... Things have been rough lately though. Getting better, getting a lot better.. but still. Anyways, its nice to hear from you again too!