Bedouin Chic

Created by Allah
Photographed by iMuslimah
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Assalamu alaykum sisters,

My little snugglesaurus is getting so big! MashaAllah he is 13 months old, running, walking, crawling, climbing and generally sweet as pie. I can't get enough of him these days.
The first image is iBaby in a traditional outfit from my husband's country. We couldn't stop squealing when we put it on him. The kufi finally fits him, and we thought they looked good together! Sandals were a great bargain at Marshall's. We took him to an "end of year" children's party for our local masjid, where my hub teaches arabic to the tots. Most of the families were from Bangladesh and Pakistan, so I got to meet some new sisters from different cultures (and had some deelish BBQ). Their children were exquisite and were enjoying meeting iBaby. It was also nice to meet my husbands little students. What a great group of kids mashAllah! We had a very good time.
The rest are some candid shots of status chubbicus. Love those legs. Love. Them.
Subhanallah to see a human being grow in front of your eyes from embryo to this is the most precious experience ever. Alhamdulillah for everything.

3 Birds Chirpin':

أم ترافيس said...

ohhhhhhhhh ma sha Allah!

Hijabi Apprentice said...

He is yummilicious! Masha ALlah

UmmAbdurRahman said...

isnt he a cutie pie. mashaAllah love the maghrebi style :)