8 Weeks.

Oh. My. Goodness.


My baby giggled at me today. A full on, primal, unrefined belly giggle- accompanied by giant smile. It lasted only for a nanosecond- enough to make me go absolutely insane with joy and pride.

I think I kissed him a thousand times as a result of his giggle.

I can now identify his different cries most of the time (hungry is distinctly different from tired, and tired is very different from "I need attention"), and now when he cries, real tears come out.

iBaby has also learned to suck on his forearms, hands and fingers in a pinch. LOL.

I just got a rocking chair; we love it.

Tomorrow is my last post-partum check up. I will miss this chapter in my life so much! My OB/GYN is the best. I will bring iBaby with me. This should be interesting since I havent ventured out alone, with him, without help yet, unless I go for a walk. My appointment is at noon, so inshaallah I should wake up at 7am LOL. It will take me that long to get ready.

How will I ever return to work without a broken heart?

Ya Allah, please help me deal.

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Laila Hussein said...

WOW.. I will surely follow up your posts about your baby. I am still three months pregnant, but I think it will help me a great deal by then

Big Sis said...

Salam wa alaykum sister and many congratulations on the birth of your baby. I've been thinking of you and wondering whether you have had your baby! I'm thrilled for you. May Allah protect you and your baby. Provide you with happiness and joy. Ameen