What A Day!!!

Assalamu alaykum,

Sorry for the absence folks. Ive been too busy as usual, and finding nothing interesting about my daily grind to write about.

Well, my little luv bug is almost 15 months old! Can you believe that? I cannot. He is suddenly starting to use little words (so cute!), and my favorite is OK. It's just hilarious when he uses it.

My sister has a private home with a HUGE private yard and a pool :) Her husband is out of town for a few weeks, so i saw prime opportunity to go SWIMMING! Mashaallah what a terrific day we had. It was just my two sisters, mother and our little kids. Oh how wonderful it felt to be submerged in a giant pool of cool refreshing water. I felt like a kid. I have not been swimming in 4 years because we could never come up with a halal scenario. I took my little guy in with me, and he LOVED it. He was just splashing, and laughing, smiling and blinking the entire time. It felt wonderful to feel so fresh and weightless, not to mention carefree. Afterwards, my son and I just ran around the yard kicking a ball and investigating nature. He loved watching the older kids play volleyball. We BBQ'd and had ice cream too.

Today was the perfect, relaxed, fun and carefree summer day. Alhamdulillah it was truly a gift to spend this fun time with the people I love, and for it to be halal and worry free. I hope we can do it again inshaallah. I think my son had a wonderful time. He passed out shortly after dinner and a bath, and is sprawled out in his crib looking so peaceful in his body hugging jammies. mashaallah. Love the belly and chubby legs.

Maybe next time, us ladies can vacate the premises, and my husband can go for a dip with the fellas. I would love for him to have a relaxing day too.

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Nikki said...

How nice that must have been! I wish I knew of a halal place to swim. I thought of buying a halal suit, it's more of a track suit than a swimsuit, really...but I feel I'd look silly so maybe I just will not swim in public at all. It's hard, though, because I want my son (8 months) to get this experience!