Assalamu alaykum,

Sorry for the prolonged absence, been burning the candle at both ends, with little time to blog.

First things first- alhamdulillah wu shukru lillah for everything in this life and the next.

Shout out to Organica: Find joy in your journey. Those radical converse are bound to land you someplace interesting ;)

Life with baby, husband and two full time jobs between us has been a real challenge. We are exhuasted, irritable at times, and keep pushing forward. Fortunately iBaby is always with one of us, so he is thriving and happy.

I had an asthma attack last night. It started with a sinus infection, and by last night I couldn't lay down, I could only sit up straight and labor to breathe. At about 2am iHubcap wrapped iBaby in his blankets walked him two doors down to my sister's house and took me to the Emergency Room. I received prompt treatment and relief, and came home. I was really surprised by all this. I have been very well controlled with maintenance meds for almost a decade, and the infection just completely exacerbated my condition. I'll be on steroids for the rest of the week which means I will be a ferociously hungry and wicked wilderbeast for the next five days.

When I initially called my sister at 2am, I was hysterical. Being a veteran of asthma in my 36 years of life doesn't take away the fear. For those of you may wonder how awful it feels, it's like attempting to take a breath through a straw. I didn't want to leave my little bundle. I was afraid it would get worse. It wasn't severe enough to warrant an ambulance, but I knew I had to get to the hospital.

I hope inshaallah my little guy doesn't catch this sinus infection.

Tonight I felt strong enough to hold him (after nice hot disinfecting shower) and give him his night-time bottle. MashAllah- dressed in his form fitting, pale aqua and yellow duckling fleece feeties, he sunk into my arms like a warm loaf of bread, and just stared at me in the dark. just looking, and connecting. I wept uncontrollably as I imagined that his big black liquid eyes and paint brush lashes were telling me that he missed me today (I slept all day whilst iH tended to him). His lids kept drifting and drifting until he could no longer fight off slumber. I let him stay in my arms for about a half hour (he was sweating), as I could not stop admiring him and thanking Allah for this beautiful grant He has bestowed upon us. Holding him, and rocking instantly made me feel better. His cute little body and round chubby cheeks are like an instant band-aid. Yes that's it, he is my little band-aid.

Moving on, shout out to AMW/owner of ALL MUSLIMAH BLOGS- I want so badly to visit your site, but every time I do, my internet explorer browser goes bananas! Any suggestions? The problem occurs when I try to close your page. All of sudden, it just keeps reloading page after page, and before you know IE has launched itself 20 or 30 times! Anyone have any insight? I miss reading Brandy's entries.

Duaa request: iH has a second interview this week with a health care facility he has been wanting to work for, for about 7 months (his current job really stinks). Please please please make even the tiniest dua that everything works out for the best, as there a few complicated issues. May Allah swt in return for your duaas. I really believe he is deserving of this new and exciting opportunity. Only Allah knows what is best for him/us.

Shout out to Jibbly & Mumina, where ya been?

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Hijabi Apprentice said...

Oh miskeen! Insha Allah you feel better and the steroids won't have you going too crazy!

I think we are overdue for an iBaby picture ;).

Hugs from Zach and I.

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Sis,
so glad you are better, my mum suffers from bad asthma and it is frightening, she says it's as if her chest has turned into solid rock.

May Allah bestow good health insh'Allah - I wonder if stress contributed? You seem to be doing so much.

I had my little one fall asleep in my arms last night too (rare for me) - it's just the definition of pure bliss isn't it?

Jazakh'Allah-khairun for the update though and hope you all keep well and that your other half gets this job insh'Allah - you'll be in my dua's.

NiDa said...

aww dear sis, inshaAllah I hope you feel much better now.
I love the way you refered to yourlittle one as you bandaid - too cute :) Must be very special and beautiful - May Allah keep you happy.

When I read AMW i thought you ment America's Most Wanted lol but than I read on :P I get that sometimes too - the whole IE thing. Did you try to restart? I think she has too many widgets and links like many blogs have so it makes your pc go nuts - like mine. it usually does it for me...

Be well darling sister - I will keep you in my du'a inshaAllah