Anyone Reading This?

Salam sisters!

Welcome to hijabification. I am hoping to dedicate this blog to all things hijabi!

I am a hijabi. I hope this serves as a connection to increased knowledge about modesty and practice. I want this endeavor to be fun, with a sprinkle of humor, a dash of cooking advice, a smattering of fashion, and lots of sensibility. I want this to be place where ideas and thoughts are exchanged in a positive and respectful blogger environment.

I have not figured out where I will find the time to do this :P

Should I just combine this with blog with "iMuslimah" and keep it simple? Should I just toss the idea of "hijabification"? I just seem to think that Hijabification is catchier and more interesting than iMuslimah. I realize it's not the about the name, but the content.

Comments & suggestions welcome and appreciated.

Good night,


4 Birds Chirpin':

Hijabi Apprentice said...

I like the idea of a seperate blog but sometimes finding the time for more than one can be daunting! I just joined a collaborative Muslimah beauty blog and I'm about to start a diet/exercise personal blog! Oy! Regardless of what you decide I'll be reading :)!!

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blog

*~Ange~* said...

i love your simple but colourful blog layout. its too pretty

iMuslimah said...

HA: thanks!

Singa: Welcome

Ange: thanks. its lame. appreciate it though. Im trying to change it, but i get nothing but XML errors. Ugh.